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Parmenides (early 5th Century BC)

POEM OF PARMENIDES English translation : John Burnet (1892 Early Greek Philosophy. Kessinger Publishing. ISBN 0-7661-2826-1. First published in 1892, this book has had dozens of editions and has been used as a textbook for decades. Parmenides of Elea, known as … Continue reading

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Homer and Hesiod

The God of Scripture is totally unlike the gods in Homer. There should be no reason to be ashamed of Him. However, the early church fathers were embarrassed because the God of Scripture did not match the reified God of … Continue reading

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Part 2: The Classical Interpretation of Exodus 3

Obviously, “I AM” is an important name and an important concept to God. It should be important to his people to understand its significance. Have most theologians understood it properly? Have the interpretations of the classical theologians from antiquity to … Continue reading

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Exodus Chapter 3: Part 1

It is well to have specifically holy places, and things, and days, for, without these focal points or reminders, the belief that all is holy and “big with God” will soon dwindle into a mere sentiment. But if these holy … Continue reading

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