The Unholy and the Profane Play with Evil

Surah 17:15-16

And never would We punish until We sent a messenger. And when We intend to destroy a city, We command its affluent but they defiantly disobey therein; so the word comes into effect upon it, and We destroy it with [complete] destruction.

The Quran is clear first send a warning to your enemy inviting him to repent and convert to Islam. This warning is called the Da’wah. After they refuse the polite request, then invade and completely destroy them. In conquering the countries of the Middle East this practice was well documented in Islamic history. As an example a Da’wah sent to the Byzantine emperor, to Hiraql. The letter was almost flattering calling him ‘The Great Man of Byzantium.

This Dawah was a quote from Surah 3:64.

Say: O People of the Scripture! Come to A Common Word between us and you: that we shall worship none but God, and that we shall ascribe no partner unto Him,

In the spirit of the Dawah sent to Hiraql,  138 Muslim scholars issued an open letter in October of 2007 entitled A Common Word Between Us and You, to Christians in the United States. The theme and showcase verse used in the letter was:

Surah 3:64.

Say: O People of the Scripture! Come to A Common Word between us and you: that we shall worship none but God, and that we shall ascribe no partner unto Him,

Anyone with a sophomore understanding of Islam understands what the letter was. It was Dawah, inviting the enemies of Allah to conversion, before their jihad against the United States. The Yale Center for Faith & Culture and the Yale Divinity School heralded this letter as the most significant peace initiative in the 1400 year history of conflict between the West and Islam. Catholic authorities would also confirm Yale’s position on this letter.

If anyone were to actually read Surah 3:64, it would be immediately apparent the Muslims were not giving an inch in the struggle. They are calling Christians to join Islam in worshipping a God with no partners. This statement is Mohammed’s attempt to describe the Trinity. The Trinity has partners but the true God does not.

Instead Rick Warren signs a response seeming to affirm the common ground, Muslims and Christians worship the same God.  Not only does the God of the Quran not exist in Trinitarian form, but the God of the Quran is not a loving God.  He does not possess the attributes of a Holy God. To call the God of Scripture the god of the Quran is to profane the name of God.

John Piper actually understands this issue better than the scholars of Christianity from Yale and the scholars from Catholic traditions. In response he explains (Christian Concerns About the Yale Response to A Common Word, Evangelical Theological Society, New Orleans, LA, November 18, 2009)

But the central summons of A Common Word is flawed. This summons aims to provide a foundation for all future interfaith dialogue. The document says (p. 15), “Let this common ground be the basis of all future interfaith dialogue between us, for our common ground is that on which hangs all the law and the prophets.”

What is the central summons of A Common Word? The phrase “a common word between us and you” is taken from the Qur’an (Aal ‘Imran 3:64; A Common Word, p. 13). Quoting God, it says, “O People of the Scripture [Jews and Christians]! Come to a common word between us and you: that we shall worship none but God . . . .” This quotation is important because it makes clear that the central summons of A Common Word is not that we agree as monotheists on the formal principles that love to God (whoever he is) and love to neighbor (whoever they are) are a formal common ground. That may be true. But what the quotation from the Qur’an makes clear is that the central summons of A Common Word is that Christians and Muslims actually love the same God.

Amen John Piper, this is an excellent analysis. Of course the next step is confront those “Christian” signers of the Christian Response,  to allow them to repent of their profane devaluation of the Christian God. The Christian God is defiled by associating the god of the Quran with the true God.

Or you could make Rick Warren the featured speaker at your popular Fall 2010 Desiring God Conference. John Piper released a video listing all the other theological points he and Rick Warren share. He called Common Ground,  this defilement of God, a secondary separation issue, not worthy of dividing Christians. In order to prove his point he takes pains to list all the Calvinist doctrines on which they agree.

The nature of God, in whether he exists alone in the Godhead or as a triune God, used to be an important issue in Christianity. Was not this the leading issue of the great church councils in the fourth and fifth centuries?

In John Piper’s book The Legacy of Sovereign Joy Augustine gets a pass for two decades of persecuting, robbing and jailing fellow Christians. Augustine gets a pass because of common beliefs which were later called Calvinism. Rick Warren gets a pass because he holds these common beliefs with John Piper.

John Piper correctly analyzed the primary blasphemy of the Muslim open letter, A Common Word Between Us and You. Muslims and Christians do not share a common God. The God of the Quran is very different from the God of Scriptures. The two conceptions of god differ in their apostles and messengers, differ in their commandments and differ in their nature.

Instead of tackling this issue head on, John Piper and Rick Warren later appeared in series of videos detailing all the other areas of theology upon which they agree. John Piper never asks Rick Warren to recant his signature. He is partnering with Rick Warren in leading this blasphemy against God. It would be different if John Piper believed the document was not blasphemous but he believes it is.  He knows the truth and will not defend it.

David Wood, a Christian apologists, who has extensively studied the Qur’an, and the Hadiths, Sira, and Tafsir, lists three stages of Jihad. These stages depend on the strength of Islam in each country. When the Muslims are dominate they are commanded to physically wage war against the unbelievers. In the first stage of jihad, when Islam does not have the numbers to win a physical confrontation,  Muslims are to live in peace with non-Muslims.  Muslims are allowed to deceive the unbelievers, preach a message of tolerance and integrate into influential positions of power. This first stage of Islamic domination is being abetted by simple-minded and desperate Christians from both Protestant and Catholic traditions.

What was Chamberlain to England when he signed a paper with Hitler and declared “peace in our time?” Is Chamberlain remembered for bringing peace to England? In the tradition of Chamberlain,  Rick Warren,  with the blessing of John Piper, is trying to play with Evil.

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